My Favourite Holiday

I’ve got that miserable Sunday night feeling and I’m clutching onto the weekend for dear life, why do they go so fast?!  All I’ve been thinking about all day is lying on a sun lounger somewhere, ANYWHERE, hot with a cocktail in my hand. But no. I’m in my living room writing this… I can dream. So since I’ve been feeling like this I decided to write a post about the last holiday I went on.

Last September me and my Tom took a week long holiday to the Canary Islands, (I wish we stayed longer). We visited the resort Playa de las Américas in Tenerife. I’ve been on quite a few holidays but none really compared to this one… Everything about it was lovely.

Weather + good scenery + delicious food + night life = perfect.

We definitely want to go back this year for a longer stay. Whilst there we stayed at a hotel called Dream Place Noelia Sur which has recently changed to Tigotan Lovers & Friends. This place was something dreams are made of with a roof top infinity pool, a spa, 2 restaurants and so much more! We treated this holiday as a relaxing week away although there was plenty of activities if you’re into that sort of thing. We mainly lounged around, ate our body weight in good food and went out for cocktails on the night. Here’s some photos from the best week ever.












Hope you liked this post and book yourselves a holiday soon!





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