Boy Meets World Tour

I’ve been a fan of Drake since his album ‘Thank Me Later’ back in 2010. I remember strutting to school with him blasting out in my headphones whilst everyone else was busy listening to Justin Bieber (no hate I love the Biebs). Since then, my love for Drake’s music has only grown! I’ve been lucky enough to see him 3 times live now, the first time been at his ‘Would You Like a Tour?’ Tour at Sheffield where he performed mostly his ‘Nothing Was the Same’ album. Then in June last Summer a couple of friends and I went to see Rihanna on her ‘Anti World Tour’ which I can only describe as a massive party! It only got funner when she decided to surprise the crowd with a special performance of ‘Work’ with Drake! He then went onto performing ‘One Dance’ and it was incredible! That was the moment I knew I needed tickets for the ‘Boy Meets World Tour’.

So last Friday my best friend, cousin and brother took a trip to Sheffield Arena to catch the show. Walking into the arena I could feel the atmosphere and it was mega. There were a few acts on first to warm up the crowd including DVSN and Young Thug. About 30 minutes past and the music stopped and the lights went out, if you’ve ever been to concert you’ll know how exciting this moment is! The stage lit up bright white and the song ‘Trophies’ came on. I was buzzing! He went onto performing some of my favourites like ‘Energy’, ‘Still Here’, ‘Jumpman’, ‘Fake Love’ and ‘Legend’. The set was just so cool with fireworks, beams and a crazy set of lights that turned different colours and moved in sync depending on which track was been performed above the standing area. One of my favourite parts of the show was at the end when he gave a speech about the world we’re all living in today. He talked about how all races and genders are the equal and not to divide with everything that’s going on in the world and I really respect that. (Deep I know).

I took a few pics and thought it was only right to share them on here with you all! I wish I could re-live it over and over again.









It was just so good, hope you liked this post.




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