Belated Birthday Gifts

So last night I picked my BFF up before we went to see Drake on his Boy Meets World Tour. Before we took off she pulled out some neatly wrapped packages and handed them to me… They were two belated birthday gifts, for me! Straight away I knew they were going to be special just by the way they were wrapped. They were just too cute I couldn’t resist – I had to share them with you all!


The one I went for first wrapped in a vibrant yellow paper with a pristine, white bow with the tag ‘with the very best of wishes’. Inside was a white box with beautiful copper text reading ‘reasons why you’re wonderful’. But it gets cuter… Dainty, gold scrolls containing personal messages were inside. I’M MELTING! This is such a delightful gift for anyone, I guarantee it! I’m pretty sure she bought this from Bread & Jam. Take a look on their site.





The second gift I received was in a tiny brown bag with tag that read ‘When you’re feeling down Lily just pull out your little bag of happiness’ another tag told me what was inside… I think this is a perfect gift to give a loved one, or even someone who you think needs a little happiness in their life. It really is sweet and something I’ll keep forever. Scroll down to have a closer look. If you have someone in mind get them one at Leelu.



I told you they’re cute! Don’t forget to visit the websites if you need any gift inspiration, I’m sure you’ll find some! Thanks for reading.



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