Shopping Spree

So, at the weekend me and Tom took a trip to Leeds, you can see the gorgeous apartment we stayed in here. Back to what you came for- whilst in Leeds it would be rude not to do a bit of shopping wouldn’t it? So we took a walk to the Trinity and I explored all the shops whilst Tom stood and watched (he hates shopping). Here’s what caught my attention and made it’s way back to Hull with me.

We wandered into Urban Outfitters first and I was love – struck with these sassy fishnet socks! I thought they’d look super cool with my Old Skool Vans and a pair of blue or black jeans. I actually bought a black pair too but I couldn’t wait to wear them… OOPS! At just £6 a pair they can really liven up any outfit. Buy yours here.

image4 (1).JPG

We then took a trip in to my holy place… Topshop. Where can you go wrong in that place? With so much to choose from and all the mannequins adding so much inspo, it really seemed that pink is the in thing at the moment… Hence why i bought this hot pink tee. It has tiny rips and frayed edges and I think it could go with almost anything. I teamed it with a leather skirt, thigh high boots a thick black choker for the night and felt amazing. Wanna see for yourself? Get your own for just £12 here.

Whilst in Topshop I also got the a pair of classic Joni jeans. I love the fit and the fact they don’t lose their shape throughout the day. They’re a staple in my wardrobe and I couldn’t live without them. They’re definitely worth the £36 price tag. See for yourself here.

I paid at the till and was told because I had spent over £35 I could pick up a cactus on my way out! I was so excited and it was so hard to choose, but I finally settled for this quirky, little fella.

After a few drinks at bar we moved onto Lush, the smell alone is enough to make any passer by take a look inside but I was looking for something specific… I have a lot of hair but it’s quite thin and I find it difficult to make it look voluminous and full of life. I knew what I needed and I needed Jersey Bounce shampoo. With ingredients like sea salt, linseed and honey it’s sure to make your hair bouncy yet shine like the top of the Chrysler building! I bought the mini just to test but I’m wish I bought the full sized now. Buy yours hereimage3 (1).JPG

Last but by all means not least! I bought these little lovelies from Foot Locker *heart eye emoji*. I’ve wanted a pair of Tubular Shadow’s by Adidas for a month or so. I love the shape and design, they’re classic with a modern twist. They also remind my of the Yeezy boosts but with a much kinder price tag. I got mine for a bargain price of £54.99 in the junior section (I’m only a size 3). I love, love, love them and can’t wait to team them with my blue Joni’s and a slouchy, ripped hoody for that fresh Kendall Jenner look. Grab yours here before you regret it!


Well that’s everything I bought myself in Leeds except a lot of alcohol and naughty food… I hope you’ve enjoyed reading!




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